March 2016 Newsletter Results

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With the previous newsletter, we had a small survey at the bottom asking two questions:

  1. Which authors have you read?
  2. Which genres do you enjoy reading?

Of the 1 survey response, the answers for the first question were:

Author | Responses ——————————— | ——–: D. Moonfire | 0% Shannon Ryan | 100% Stacie Sugioka | 0% Cassie Leigh | 0%

It is obvious that Shannon is pretty popular (so far).

The answers from the second were pretty revealing too:

Genre | Responses ————– | ——–: Detective | 100%

Upcoming Author Events

  • Cassie is going to be at the Romance Rendezvous II on Saturday, April 9 from 2 to 5 PM in Cedar Falls, IA.
  • She is also going to be at the North Iowa Book Bash on Saturday, April 30 from 9 AM to 4 PM in Clear Lake, IA.


Wandering over to, we put in the total number of entrants… and it won’t let us put in “1”. Well, I’ll just randomly pick Randy Roeder for a $5 coupon at our store.