ICON 43 Retrospective

An imprint of Typewriter Press

This year, we have planned on going to two different events: ICON 43 and Book Bums. ICON is over and Book Bums is in a few weeks, so this is a perfect time to sit back and enjoy the quiet.

ICON was enjoyable, as it usually it. We had a chance to meet with fans, sell a few books, and generally had a ball.

Like all conventions, we had a raffle/mailing list sign-up but no one signed up this year but that wasn’t going to stop us from doing our raffle. Anyone on our mailing list is automatically registered for raffles and we’ve sent out a coupon so the lucky winner already.

We’ll do another mailing list sign up at Book Bums or you can register at the bottom of our front page. If you want to attend in West Liberty, just follow the Book Bums links and head on over. You can also order any Typewriter Press book and select pick-up to avoid paying shipping costs.

As usual, if you have any questions, comments, or problems, feel free to send us an email at contact@typewriter.press.