March 2018 Newsletter

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Well, our goal of monthly newsletter has already been blown away since February came around without a newsletter. But, when you fall off a horse, write a book about the agony… no, get back on. Sadly, we don’t have a lot of books with horses in theme so we can’t use that as a theme for the newsletter.

Until Death Do Us Part by Cassie Leigh

Until Death Do Us Part cover

The veil between life and death will part to bring two souls together…

Millie was a lonely spirit with no one but her house to keep her company. That changed the day the handsome new owner of her precious home moved in and said hello. She never thought she would have a chance to fall in love again. Now she is chipping away at her past and turning away from the light she thought she was waiting for. There is just one problem; the love of her afterlife is engaged.

Noah and his fiancé are having trouble sharing a vision for a home to grow their future in. Lucky for him the spirit in residence is on his side. Unlike his fiancé, Millie seems to like the changes and an unlikely connection is kindled. Now he is holding out on the hope that their bond will not burn out before their unlikely romance can ignite.

Until Death Do Us Part is a wonderful paranormal romance and the beginning of a series of ghostly lovely and haunted houses.

It can be found in various stores in print including our own. Online, it is enrolled into Kindle Unlimited and is only available here.

Future Events

Here are the future events we have planned. In all cases, if you are interested in physical copies of our books (even if the author isn’t going to be there), you can use “Convention Pickup” shipping and it will be waiting at the table for you.

As we get closer, we’ll have more information and schedules.

North Iowa Book Bash 2018 (Clear Lake, IA on April 7)

Cassie Leigh will going to North Iowa Book Bash next month in Clear Lake, Iowa. A number of other talented authors (who we don’t publish) will also be there and it is a blast.

Demicon (Des Moines, IA on May 4-6)

Shannon will be attending Demicon.

M and M Bookstore (Cedar Rapids, IA on June 23)

Dylan will be at M and M Bookstore on June 23 from 10 am to 2 pm.

I.O.W.A. 2018 (Marion, IA on July 21)

Randy will be attending Imaging Other Worlds with Authors on July 21 in Marion, Iowa.

ICON (Cedar Rapids, IA on October 4-7)

Many of our authors (Cassie, Shannon, Stacie, and Dylan) will be at our local sci-fi and fantasy convention, ICON including the author signing on October 4th.


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