We're going to ICON 42

An imprint of Typewriter Press

One of our favorite conventions is ICON, Iowa’s longest running Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions, mainly because it’s local for a number of the authors published by Broken Typewriter Press. This year, the convention is September 29–October 1, 2017.

Preregistration ends on September 15, 2017.

Dealer’s Table

We’ll have a table with all of our books for sale and a number of authors manning it throughout the convention. The hours to the public are:

  • Friday: 2 pm to 6 pm (14:00–18:00)
  • Saturday: 10 am to 6 pm (10:00–18:00)
  • Sunday: 10 am to 2 pm (10:00–14:00)

If you are planning on attending and want to pick up one of our books, you can preorder them at our store and select “Convention Pickup” as the delivery method. It won’t cost you anything to ship and we’ll have it ready for you.


We will also have a raffle for store credit at the table. As usual, the number of people who sign up determines how many and how big the winners are going to be. We love those already subscribed to our mailing list (just go to our website and sign up at the bottom) and they will also be in the raffle.


Shannon Ryan will be at Paradise ICON, an extensive writing program that takes the entire weekend. He may have something but his schedule isn’t solidified.


  • 6 pm to 8 pm (18:00–20:00) Barnes and Noble: Thursday night, a number of the authors are going to be attending an author signing at the local Barnes and Nobel. This is a good chance to chat and see a lot of authors in a close proximity.


  • 11 am (11:00) Boardroom 334: Cassie Leigh will have a reading of her novels with Alexandra Penn.

  • 2 pm (14:00) Rosewood: D. Moonfire and Cassie will be at the Author/Artist Meet & Greet. Paranormal is one of the fastest growing genres in romance. Come talk to romance authors who like to mix a little love with their paranormal.

  • 6 pm (18:00) Boardroom 314: Cassie will be at the Love in the Paranormal panel. Paranormal is one of the fastest growing genres in romance. Come talk to romance authors who like to mix a little love with their paranormal.

  • 9 pm (21:00) Boardroom 334: D. Moonfire will be reading from one of his novels along with Will Lenzen Jr.

  • 10 pm (22:00) Oak: Cassie is at the Superhero Cinematic Universe Discussion: A discussion regarding Superhero Cinematic Universes, both Marvel and DC. What did they do right? What did they do wrong? Is accuracy to the comics important, or is it important to have Superhero movies have their own space to explore?


  • 10 am (10:00) Dogwood: Cassie will be at the Strange Bedfellows panel. Everyone needs someone to love, even the monsters. Lets discuss monsters in romance novels: what’s the appeal, what types of monsters make the transition from bad guy to hero well, which ones fall flat. What kind of person does it take to love a fictional monster? Vampires, shifters, ghosts, and witches, are their any monsters missing that you’d like to see represented in romance? Paranormal romance is a thriving genre. Let’s talk about why!

  • 1 pm (13:00) Dogwood: Cassie will be moderating the Dogwood, Lions, Tigers, & Bears, oh my! Shifters in fiction panel. The world of modern shape shifting monsters has grown to include more than the werewolves we remember. We will discuss the appearance of shifters in the animal kingdom beyond wolves, the shifter breeds we like, the breeds we don’t like, and what animals we haven’t seen shift that we’d like to see next.

  • 2 pm (14:00) Dogwood: Cassie won’t be leaving the room because she is also moderating Not My Monster!. When an author wants to change the rules that make up your favorite monsters to suit the world building needs of their novel, how far is to far? What changes are okay to refresh the genre and keep it from getting stale? We will also discuss examples of books and movies where the rules were bent successfully and examples of where it was taken to far.