May 2016 Newsletter

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Dylan’s Thoughts

It wasn’t a quiet month at Broken Typewriter Press, but nothing that we can really show off.

The silliest is that we picked up a vanity domain at Almost everything is working but HTTPS on the store isn’t quite working. But everything else should be happily chugging alone. It’s a minor thing, but we really like the three-part names (most of our coupons use the same type of code).

Tales of Whimsy is almost in the final steps for getting an ISBN assigned to it so it can be ordered at any bookstore. This means the price for the print version will be going up, so if you are interested in picking up a copy (signed or not) before the price increases, this is the best time to do it. Sadly, the price increase is a required part of selling books in bookstores.

We also have two books that are in the process of being published. The first is D. Moonfire’s Sand and Ash. This is a Creative Commons license book which means that the ebook will be free but we’ll be charging for the print version. We’ll also be setting up a tip jar for him, if you like the book donate or consider becoming a patron for a month or so and see all the project he’s been working on.

The other book is a paranormal romance/horror. We don’t have final approvals, so we aren’t giving names quite yet. Maybe next month we’ll have a new author for our spotlight.

Last Month

Saturday, April 9

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Upcoming Events

Friday, May 27 through Sunday, May 29

  • Dylan will be at WisCon participating in various panels. The actual panels will be listed once they show up.

Thursday, October 27

  • Dylan and Shannon will be participating in the author signing for ICON at Barnes and Noble.


No survey for this month, but just a straight-up coupon for our online store. So, if you want 23% discount on anything in the store, use early.allocating.waffle as the coupon code.

Final Words

Please consider visiting our authors’ websites, check out their books and checking out what’s available. You can also visit our store to purchase direct from them, including requesting signed copies.