March 2016 Newsletter

An imprint of Typewriter Press

Dylan’s Thoughts

Broken Typewriter Press came from a need to organize my various writing services, which included typesetting, formatting, commissioned and ghost writing, and selling books into something that would easily fit on my taxes. As I talked about it with my friends, I realized it could be a lot more than just a line item which is why I half-convinced Shannon to let me publish his first book, Minion of Evil, before I even finished my first published novel, Sand and Blood.

Since then, Stacie and Cassie have joined us and, as of February of 2016, we’ve published a total of six books and one short story. We have another author coming on in the next month or so, we are just working on finalizing the cover and print version.

This is the first month that a newsletter started to make sense. Before, when it was only a few of us, I felt that a monthly newsletter would begin to sound like a broken record. Now, with four writers involved, I think there will be enough different stories or topics that we can produce something interesting and fun without repeating ourselves.

Book Release

The biggest news is that Cassie Leigh first book with us, Until Death Do Us Part had a book release party at the Artisan’s Sanctuary here in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was a grand time and it looked like everyone had fun. It was also our first book signing and our first book that was available on pre-order. A bunch of firsts for us.

The veil between life and death will part to bring two souls together…

Millie was a lonely spirit with no one but her house to keep her company. That changed the day the handsome new owner of her precious home moved in and said hello. She never thought she would have a chance to fall in love again. Now she is chipping away at her past and turning away from the light she thought she was waiting for. There is just one problem; the love of her afterlife is engaged.

Noah and his fiancé are having trouble sharing a vision for a home to grow their future in. Lucky for him the spirit in residence is on his side. Unlike his fiancé, Millie seems to like the changes and an unlikely connection is kindled. Now he is holding out on the hope that their bond will not burn out before their unlikely romance can ignite.

Praise for Until Death Do Us Part:

“Until Death Do Us Part is an enchanting love story. I was thoroughly engrossed in this fast-paced, unique ghost story.” —Maggie Dallen, author of The Accidental Engagement

“This is a haunting tale of love and redemption. Cassie Leigh will win your heart, with this gorgeous, creative tale.” —Eve Marie Perry, winner of the 2015 Avon Fanlit Contest hosted by Avon Books & 2012 Golden Heart Finalist

Upcoming Author Events

  • Cassie is going to be at the Romance Rendezvous II on Saturday, April 9 from 2 to 5 PM in Cedar Falls, IA.
  • She is also going to be at the North Iowa Book Bash on Saturday, April 30 from 9 AM to 4 PM in Clear Lake, IA.


We have just created an online store. It has all of the print books and every digital book that isn’t currently an exclusive deal over at Amazon. Every printed book comes with the digital version, if available, and you can request it be signed by the author. If one of the digital books ceases to have an exclusive deal with Amazon (we know Kindle Unlimited is hard to resist), we will retroactively make it available for anyone who buys a printed version directly from our store.

Also, you’ll get the latest version of the digital books in EPUB and MOBI format. So if we have to update it, you can just grab the newest version from your account page.


As part of our inaugural newsletter, we have a small survey we’d like you to fill out. At the end of it, you can enter for a chance at a five dollar coupon at our store, good for any Broken Typewriter book or service.

The drawing will be done on the fifteen of March.

Final Words

So that was our first newsletter. I hope you enjoyed it. Over the next few months, we’ll find our voice for this and continue posting interesting things happening under our keys.

Please consider visiting our authors and checking out what they have. You can also visit our store to purchase direct from them, including asking for something signed or make out to anyone of your choice.