Recall of Panic No More

An imprint of Typewriter Press

Unfortunately, we found out that Panic No More by Shannon Ryan had a flaw in the printed version. This caused the fifth chapter (Dedication) to be missed. The ebook version has the chapter.

Broken Typewriter Press will replace any print version of Panic No More v1.0.0 at our cost including shipping. Shannon will sign the copies for you; if you give us the original dedication, we’ll see about having the same on in the print version.

You can find the version of the book on the legal page (after the title), below the address for the press. In the ebook, you’ll find it near the beginning of the book. The version will look like v1.0.0 or v1.1.1. We use semantic versions with the first number being breaking changes (changes to the plot), the second number are additions or expansions, and the third number representing grammatical or typographical fixes.

To request a replacement, send an email to or Shannon. Typically, we’ll ask you to sign and date the legal page and send us a picture along with your address. If you have a dedication, also send a picture of that and we’ll pass it on to Shannon.

The newest version also has some minor grammar and typographic fixes beyond the missing chapter.